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Hi, I'm Rob Smith

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I grew up in a lower to middle-class blue-collar family in Northern California. My father, a veteran and postal worker, my mother a judicial clerk for the California Superior Court. Although we didn't have much, I had a normal childhood, played football, wrestled, was a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, and started working jobs at 14 years old. My parents consistently involved me in supporting community & heritage events, my mother taking me to Asian-Pacific Islander Festivals, my father taking me to events like the Scottish Games. Both taking me to 4th of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day celebrations and making me understand the true meaning of those days. I was surrounded by a family that instilled a love for America in me, as well as a purpose toward service to the country. This love of country was further strengthened through hearing the stories of my maternal Grandfather from the Philippines and maternal Grandmother from Guam. Their stories of hardship under Imperial Axis rule and the American sacrifice paid for liberation of these places during World War II were instrumental in my upbringing and belief's. My grandparents were thankful for that sacrifice and made sure all of us remembered. As such, I believe in our Constitutional Republic set forth by our forefathers, I believe in all our people, and the true purpose of our institutions to form a more perfect Union. 


I am a medically retired Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and veteran of the United States Army. I served three direct action combat tours during the GWOT campaigns, one in Iraqi and two in Afghanistan. I am the recipient of the Silver Star Medal, two Bronze Star Medals, the Combat Infantryman's Badge and one Combat Jump Star on my parachutist wings, received for actions during those combat rotations. My military career has been the most impactful privilege in my life. It was my life's honor to lead, endure collective hardships with and witness the commitment, dedication, and sacrifice of America's sons I served with during our nations call. 

Upon my retirement I started a career supporting the U.S. Department of States Diplomatic Security Programs. During these periods as a Director, I led and managed large scale and sensitive programs in the protection of our Chief of Mission facilities, embassies and diplomats operating in high threat areas throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. I also led regional support elements responsible for supporting high threat operations in those areas, liaising with host country ministry and directorate leaders, allied diplomatic mission leaders, and senior U.S. government officials.

Simultaneously I started a small security company as the Managing Director with two of my U.S. Army brothers. This company operated throughout the Bay Area all the way up the I-80 corridor to Sacramento. We provided security services to County & City Governments, Veterans Affairs facilities, property management companies, retailers, and private schools. Ultimately, after eight years of business, due to the CV-19 lockdowns, like many others, we eventually had to make the business decision to close our doors. 

Through my life and work I have been afforded the amazing opportunity to live and travel the country and the world, from most of the U.S. states, South America, most of West and Eastern Europe, to North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. I've experienced so much in both my personal and professional life, and without a doubt the United States of America is the greatest country on this earth.

I hold a BA from Chapman University, a Project Management Professional Certification from the Project Management Institute and an Advanced Certificate in Government Contract Management from the University of the Potomac. 

I am married and have six beautiful children, and now one grandchild.

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You, Me, Us

With so much political hostility today, it seems there is more polarization than in the past. We need to bring common sense, trust and confidence into our political sphere, to include respect, and honesty. We must reduce the influence of major doners, lobbyists, corporations, and special interest groups as well as the fringe elements of the far left and right. We need moderation back sticking to supporting what Californian’s and Americans are really concerned with. The political elites need to know that Californians and Americans have had enough.

The best way we can do this is through our vote. So, if you want to support America first over party politics, over lobbyists, over special interest groups, over career politicians, vote for me.

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