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My Position

I am a moderate, center-right. The core components of my beliefs are in support of our Constitutional Republic, limitations of government and individual rights.  I believe that America is the "city on the hill", as a country, I believe in American values and that as a people we are exceptional, innovative, optimistic, with a strong fighting spirit and throughout our success and failures we continually strive to be a more perfect union. I support policies that will benefit the constituents of California's 3rd District and our great nation. 

My Platform

My platform is focused on what Californian's within the 3rd District are concerned with. 


Many Californians are suffering, feeling stressed and hopeless. Our economy is in shambles, the American Dream is on life support. With high inflation producing high costs on everyday items. Many Californians are living paycheck to paycheck, sacrificing priorities to just make it day to day. I support real wage growth, putting the Federal Reserve and their policies in check, making the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, suspending the gas tax, getting people back to work reducing government spending as well as hold the government accountable for waste. 


I support lower taxes for small & medium sized business and the average American household. I am not a proponent of our current tax system and I believe that many of these larger corporations are not being held to account. Much of the tax burden falls between the dwindling middle class. As Californian's we are taxed on our income, property, what we buy, what we sell, at the pump, on our cellphones, our deaths, every aspect of our lives are inundated by some sort of government tax or fee.  I believe simplifying the tax code is needed.


Housing is unaffordable for many Californians. With the significant increase in home prices as well as interest rates, home buying is now a pipe dream for many Californians. Even rents have skyrocketed. Much of these home prices and rents I believe are artificially driven up due to major corporations buying up residential homes, driving up home prices and rents. We must take these major corporations, including foreign corporations, out of the housing market. Further deregulation for home builders to increase housing inventory. The cost of housing and living in California has many Californians seeking the American Dream in other destinations throughout the U.S.


Healthcare in America is failing many. The costs alone are staggering, especially for those with families. The cost of prescription drugs and medical procedures, the waste and inefficiency within the insurer and provider administrative systems, the consolidation of hospitals resulting in providers increasing costs to achieve larger margins. Healthcare should be a non-issue for the United States. All Americans should have affordable healthcare. Also, with the rampant increase in drug addictions and mental health issues today there should be resident programs to aid them in getting better.


I have a firm stance on crime, we need to bring safety and security back within many of our communities. We have let the criminals run without consequence in California long enough. There should be a zero-tolerance view on violent, sexual, and property crimes. I fully support Law Enforcement, and they should be provided with the tools and resources that focus on positive outcomes within their communities. I do not believe in the militarization of our police officers patrolling our communities, except for specific high-risk sections like, SWAT and SRT for very limited and focused high-risk roles. Law Enforcement should be provided with more resources for training given their roles in supporting the communities they serve, officer retention support programs and community support initiatives. 


American energy should be affordable. I believe that all energy resources should be used, from drilling and fracking for oil, to natural gas, solar and wind, and supporting initiatives to ensure energy sustainability that is affordable. I even believe that nuclear energy should be reconsidered. I support the continued development of new technologies and methods that could support future energy needs, including clean energy. Californians deserve reliably consistent affordable energy, alternative energy programs should not be rapidly forced, but slowly implemented as technology and infrastructure becomes more developed, stable, and affordable to all Californians. Monopolies on energy need to cease, California consumers should have a choice, affordable choices. 

Veterans Affairs

I am a strong advocate of taking care of our veterans. As a veteran myself, I too experience the challenges within the VA System concerning healthcare, claims issues & backlogs, appointment timelines, PTSD, and veteran suicides. I hear and experience veteran issues through the community I served with, not getting the right care, I have had friends lose their lives to delayed care, and suicides. 

Small Business

Small Business is the corner stone of American prosperity. I believe in lowering barriers of entry, further tax breaks and initiatives to support small business such as easier access to capital through loans. Many small businesses are struggling to exist due to the bureaucracy's effects on their operating costs. If you are a small business in California, you should have every measure of a fighting chance to succeed with limited government interference or industry lobbyists influencing legislation to support their own benefit.


I do not support the sacrifice of our nation’s sons and daughters in long protracted wars with a diluted and unfocused mission. I only believe in American unilateralism and use of the world’s most powerful military force when it is just and quick. I also do not support endless proxy wars and sending billions of American taxpayer dollars to these nations that are unaccountable to the American people. Especially billions that could come to California's 3rd District and aid in community development, infrastructure, forestry improvement initiatives, and the like. I believe our United States military forces have one job, to close with and destroy the enemies of the United States. The United States military should not be used for societal social experiments, but maintain a strict culture of a disciplined, capable, and lethal military force that can quickly dominate the battlefield. 

Gun Rights

I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the citizenry's right to bear arms. As a gun-owner myself, I do believe that gun owners should be properly trained, responsible and safe citizens. 


I support education and believe that parents should have the ability of school choice for their children. School districts should be held to account if their administrators and teachers are failing their students. I believe in supporting the trade skill professions and bringing them back into High Schools as electives to develop interest in careers within the trades. Federal College Loans should only be given to those who are majoring in STEM programs. Offering better college payment programs for service in organizations like the Peace Corps. I also believe that we need to bring more focused civic specific studies back into the classroom as it is important for every American to understand their civic duties.


Abortion is a state issue, and California is a Pro-Choice state. I will not support and fight federal legislation that violates state rights in this matter and other state rights matters.

Property Rights

At no time should any government entity be allowed to continually tax for the life of or take your personal property. I am a strong advocate of personal property rights and its protection from government interference or seizure.


Illegal immigration needs to cease, and the strengthening of our boarder needs to be an immediate priority. We must stem the drugs, human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and the numerous other threats an open border policy involves. We have to categorize the cartels operating with impunity at our border as what they are, terrorist organizations. I support legal immigration fully and believe that there needs to be a better less lengthy bureaucratic process to support legal immigration, especially for U.S. Citizen's sponsoring their family members. 

Term Limits

Although requiring a Constitutional Amendment, and a heavy lift. I am a supporter of term limits for U.S. Supreme Court Justices. I understand the original concept and why lifetime appointments were necessary to insulate SCOTUS from partisan influence. But, as we have seen SCOTUS has turned into a battleground for political infighting and partisan politics. As with Congress, and the Executive Branch of government, many American's have lost faith in SCOTUS as well. As Americans we must find ways to restore faith back in our government institutions while supporting our Constitutional Republic.

Political Corruption

Get the legal and sanctioned corruption out of politics. Competent competition for elected offices are often drowned out by the two party system, Americans need choices that represent them. Ending partisan gerrymandering, campaign finance advantages enjoyed by most incumbents, politicians spend a lot of time attempting to raise funds vs. utilizing that time to 100% focus on their constituent concerns. 

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